1,300 Americans dying each day from the Delta variant of COVID-19 and Democrats are Silent

1,300 Americans dying each day from the Delta variant of COVID-19 and Democrats are Silent

Written by O'Rane Mansolin

September 1, 2021


(V&P) - As the US death toll climbs to 1300 people dying per day from Delta Variant infections, Media is in no way attacking President Biden or the Democrats on the issue as they did attack President Trump last year. As Trump, Biden continues to dismiss and downplay the Delta variant in order to protect a botched "Operation Warp Speed" project initiated by Trump that Biden came on board thinking it would work, took credit for and spent billions on only to find the vaccines do not work.
According to the New York Times tracker, nearly 1,300 Americans are dying each day from the virus, an increase of close to 100% over two weeks ago. Case counts are also up — to more than 155,000 daily.
As people are dying and getting infected the Democrats have been promoting more vaccinations being done and a 3rd booster shot. Over 359 million vaccination shots have been dispersed throughout the US, the pharmaceutical corps have admitted that the vaccines do not work on all variations of CV19, the Delta Variant included, and President Biden has yet to initiate a nationwide lock down as the UK, China and New Zealand did to slow and defeat the Delta Variant..
The primary reason President Biden and the Democrats have declined to initiate this lock down is to avoid the embarrassment of the failure of the rushed inoperable CV19 vaccines, and in so they are allowing a false sense of pride to permit them to accept the mass loss of life they once accused and persecuted President Trump of doing..
Almost the entire Democratic Party is in lockstep with the President Biden's vision. Democrats are focused on their massive historic infrastructure bill, as now due to having the majority of the senate seats they can do pretty much anything they like, yet admitting to the failure of the vaccines would serve to capsize everything they've worked for so they seem to simply be hoping the death count decreases before having to publicly admit failure..
The question is, with 1300 Americans dying everyday can Democrats afford the luxury of running a bogus vaccination campaign with hopes that the death tolls will rescind and all will be forgotten ?
How can 1300 people dying everyday be forgotten ? When these people who are dying have families and friends, co workers etc.
While campaigning in 2020 President Biden once said that "The wartime president has surrendered’ in reference to President Trump's outlook on the Covid 19 surge and the deaths it was responsible for in America.

It would appear that by not initiating a national  lock down, President Biden, our newly elected US President has also surrendered, so he can save face as President Trump also tried to do.

There are a lot of good things coming from the Delta Variant, things that can help President Trump. The lack of media coverage of the Delta variant is proof that somehow the Democrats have control over media broadcast and content. How do democrats have so much influence over broadcasted media content online ?

GOV control over broadcasting and communications in the U.S start with two U.S Presidents, #1 Dwight D. Eisenhower, and #2 Lyndon B. Johnson

President Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower, Presidential term: January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961 funded the ARPA now called DARPA which was supposed to be separated from the U.S military and controlled by one manager who answered to the President, who created it in hopes of it being used as a scientific development org.
Dwight D. Eisenhower died on March 28, 1969. At that very moment his scientists, under the single manager that he established in DARPA, based on years of basic research into computer interactivity, were putting the finishing touches on a system wide networking of computers that became the internet. It would be completed a few months later.
In 1964 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights act, he and his associates knew it needed more. They needed massive broadcasting platforms to use to get political messages across to Americans, as the internet was still in development it was useless so President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 into law.
'An Act to amend the Communications Act of 1934 by extending and improving the provisions thereof relating to grants for construction of educational television broadcasting facilities, by authorizing assistance in the construction of non-commercial educational radio broadcasting facilities, by establishing a nonprofit corporation to assist in establishing innovative educational programs, to facilitate educational program availability, and to aid the operation of educational broadcasting facilities; and to authorize a comprehensive study of instructional television and radio; and for other purposes'.
The communications act could be used to fund or assist privately owned media broadcasting corporations. During times of war or civil unrest thee privately owned media broadcasting corporations could be directed by government officials to broadcast certain kinds of news in order to incite certain events into occurring.
EXAMPLE: BLM better known as s BLACK LIVES MATTER erupted during the Trump Presidency. Instances such as the George Floyd incident occur all the time, yet this one instance of low level police brutality exploded in the media, protests were on going to the point that President Trump deployed federal officers to quell the unrest.
Antifa is another organization that really doesn't exist but was brought up by President Trump although he and the FBI could not prove the group actually exists. Trump was the kind of President who did not read, analyze or take the time to learn anything about government Both groups seem to be puppets of the media, both groups gained notoriety and momentum by articles and videos distributed online and on TV via CNN and MSNBC by the media. Now that President Biden is in office ? Nothing
Where are BLM and Antifa now ? The events they usually protest are still occurring yet we hear nothing coming from the News Media Corporations who kept publicizing them every second of the day during the Trump Presidency.
BLM and Antifa only seemed to pop up when the GOP had the majority of the Senate, then when Trump was President. Now that Biden is President and the Dem's have the Senate, both groups appear to be on vacation. It's as if to say BLM and Antifa never were. Its not that the groups issues were solved, White Supremacy according to the FBI is still alive and prevelant in the US, its that the party who used the ficticious dramatization of the existence of the groups via news media achieved their goal, and that goal was not to stop white supremacy, it was to cause a major distraction to assist them with attaining seats of power in American govenerment, once that was achieved ? They no longer needed these psycological manifested sociological weapons. 
Who owned MSNBC? Microsoft did, a lot of people did not know that MSNBC stood for Microsoft National Broadcasting Company. It does.
A lot of people do not know Microsoft was broken up into two parts in the early 90s due to anti trust laws, half was given to the Department of Defense. Who is still partnered with Microsoft to this day.
CNN started off on June 1, 1980 as the first 24-hour all-news cable network. Their founder Ted Turner was a member of the US National Guard. Throughout the years Turner has also worked with the UN and the US secretary of state. It goes without saying somehow someway Ted Turners company was government affiliated and funded.
Here we have two major TV news media broadcasting companies, CNN and MSNBC directly affiliated with government who during the Trump Presidency did nothing but attack him 24/7 non stop, and now are as quiet as church mice.
Regardless of what people assume, the internet and satellite TV were and both still are US government funded programs.

In 2014 Obama made it very clear to all big online tech firms who developed web based applications that they would all adhere to all requests of federal government for mass surveillance or be fined $250,000 Per day.

Would that include the distribution of information along side the collection of it ?
Sep 12, 2014 : "Yahoo said the government threatened to fine the company $250,000 a day if it did not comply with demands to go along with an expansion of U.S. surveillance by surrendering online information, a step the company regarded as unconstitutional.
The outlines of Yahoo’s secret and ultimately unsuccessful court fight against government surveillance emerged when a federal judge ordered the unsealing of some material about Yahoo’s court challenge. 
In a statement, Yahoo said the government amended a law to demand user information from online services, prompting a challenge in 2007 during the George W. Bush administration.
“Our challenge, and a later appeal in the case, did not succeed,” Yahoo general counsel Ron Bell said in a statement.
The new material about the case underscores “how we had to fight every step of the way to challenge the U.S. government’s surveillance efforts,” Bell added. “At one point, the U.S. government threatened the imposition of $250,000 in fines per day if we refused to comply.”
Yahoo as did other major tech app firms lost the battle in the surveillance review court".

Did losing that battle also mean that Gov could seize control of information being distributed online?

When you analyze all of the news stories and opinions that occurred during Trump's Presidency knowing most were fictitious,the answer is quite obvious.
Yes, Gov controls the flow of information. This is why we are hearing about everything but the 1300 Americans dying everyday from the Delta Variant. It would appear these corps favor the Democrats. For example Microsoft just renewed its deal with the DOD. If Trump was in office would that deal have still been renewed ?
MSNBC assisted Biden and the Democrats by barrel beating the public with negative stories about Trump 24/7. Yet mums the word about the 1300 people dying everday from the Delta variant in America right now.
President Trump was adamant as to his views when it came to leaks of information from the White House,. somehow media continued to get their hands on the smallest bits of information on the inner workings of the Trump White House, yet now they have to beg President Biden to speak, and if he does not hold a conference, no one knows anything. How is that possible ?
Dems were working with the news media and technological corps, probably making guarantees on contracts if they assisted with de seating President Trump. Its the only logical explanation especially now as we witness what is occurring with the Delta Variant.
Will the Delta Variant die down and disappear ? Probably, but if we had another lock down 1300 lives would be saved every day, 1300 lives a day that Dems do not care about. Pride is a small price to pay when considering the conservation of life.
To end this article, all that can be asked is if Trump was ok with all of the American lives claimed by Covid 19 and those who have taken over the White House are ok with all the deaths now amassing from Covid 19, why did they try so hard to get Trump out of office, why were they so upset when they are no better than him ?
There has to be something Democrats wanted that had nothing to do with saving American lives, but what is it ?
Maybe the answer lies within the infastructure bill ? Maybe Americans should take a closer look at it? .