$4.5 Billion dollar crypto thief/ rapper's ideologies on business and politics were a total contradiction of her actions

By O'Rane Mansolin



Heather Morgan who stole billions of dollars worth of bitcoin stolen during a 2016 hack targeting the virtual cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is also a rapper and in her songs she is very contradictive to who she actually is while admitting to who she actually is,.


In her "Cutthroat Country" Music Video  Morghan says


"You may have gotten away with shit so far,  but your days are numbered,

One of these days, you're going to slip up

and life will finally fuck you up the ass with a big rubber dildo"


Ironically Heather Morgan was caught, 6 years after committing a crime because her money the $4.5 billion was hidden in crypto which up until President Biden signed the Infrastructure Bill was inaccessible to the irs and Law Enforcement.

The Infrastructure Bill President Biden signed.into  law in November 2021 required brokers — aka cryptocurrency exchanges — to issue a 1099-B. In other words, crypto exchanges are now be required to notify the IRS directly of crypto transactions.


Without Biden, Morgan and her husband would never had been caught ort arrested.


The point of interest is how Morgan claims to be so self righteous better than everyone else, even attacking Elizabeth Holmes, when Morgan stole almost the same amount that Homes stole. Now ironically is in the same situation as Holmes


Morgan did the same thing almost every US tech corp has been doing, stealing. As smart as she is, you'd think she would herself know that the door she entered is the door they all go through, There is no other door aside from federal funding, if not for Biden,  Morgan and her husband  would have gotten a clean get away as most have.