Biden : Two Agendas in One

Why President Biden is forced to follow mandates set into motion by two former US Presidents who preceded his term in office.

Biden : Two Agendas in One

Article written by ORane Mansolin Chief Editor of V&P


(V&P) - As of late President Biden has been receiving a mass of scrutiny in regards to the course of actions he took with CV19 Vaccines and with the situation in Afganastan.No one seems to care that Biden came into the office of US President after President Trump had initiated an unreal campaign to create an antidote or Vaccine for a virus that was artificially and probably accidentally created in a chinese labratory. President Trump called this Vaccine campain "Operation Warp Speed". Scientist and medical professionasd told President Trump it would take them 3 to 5 years to create a vaccine that could sucessfully treat CV19. Instead of following the advice of these medical officials,  President Trump responded with firing all officials who told him the truth and then hired officials who lied to him as we can see with the spread of CV19 among people who have been vaccinated twice, by use of his "Warp Speed" vaccine operation

Trump detered from and avoided all traditional and cordial communications between President-elects and exiting Presidents with Biden prior to Biden taking office

Unfortunately there was no communication between President Biden and President Trump. President Trump initally refused to leave office citing that the 2020 Presidential elections were rigged and the results fraud. The situation became so bad that Trump incited an attack on the capital intended to intimidate elected officials into voiding President Bidens victory and giving that victory to President Trump. President Trump refused to allow Biden and his cabinet access to intelligence reports. Trump also refused to attend Biden's innauguration which caused even more distance,distres and difficulty for the transition from one President to another.  All of this adds up to Biden had no idea what President Trump was doing in detail. President Biden did not have access to the detail of the creation or manufacturing of the CV19 vaccines, so he had to assume that President Trump's promise to deliver the citizens of the United States a reliable, safe and effective vaccine for people to use to stop the spread of cv19 held premises. 

After all ? Who in their right mind would invest billions in resources and Gov capital into the creation of a dud or illusion of something the world desperately needed and without may face the threat of extinction?

Biden as a lifetime professional politician would never imagine in a million years that an elected  U.S President the highest level of Government Official, would or could be so irresponsible or uncaring as President Trump was with "Operation Warp Speed". As a show of faith to his predecessor Biden  invested more into Trump's "Warp speed" operation, without knowing the full degreee of President Trump's failure to understand that biologically what Trump wanted to achieve was impossible, and was as tenable as Elizabeths Holmes' Theranos company that was citied  for fraud in the medical industry. Holmes' claimed to have state of the art blood testing units that surpassed any and all technology seen thus far in the medical field. Holme's company Theranos received billions of dollars in investment capital,  but when asked to show the final product, had nothing. A project like President Trump's "Warp Speed" is the kind of project that people like Holmes' and her Corp look for to defraud investors and Goverment. A guy who has acess to a lot of funding and has no idea whatsoever as to the detail of what the issue much less the solution consists of, and wants to appear to know what he's doing.

During the Pandemic Trump also funded another individual named Robert Stuart Jr, to produce 6 million N95 masks. Stuart promised the masks and took the money. Months later into the next year 2021 Stuart's company did not produce one mask, Stuart  took the money, spent it but never delivered or manufactured one mask. Once arrested and charged for fraud, Stuart liquidated his assets to pay the money back, Stuart was among 474 people who promised the Trump Administration they would deliver CV19 related medical necessaties who never did and were charged with fraud ..President Trump had a trailer park filled with fraudsters who he did not care whether they could actually deliver what was needed or not, all he cared about was them saying "yes, we can deliver" , even if they could not. What Trump asked for was far out of the scope of their knowledge and capabilities, but if they said yes, he gave them money.The basic basis of Trump's "Warp Speed operation" Campaign was have groups of people surrounding him who said they were professionals and could deliver upon his request, in order to maintain public trust, until the pandemic passed over at which time President Trump may have assumed that the vaccine may no longer be needed.


Biden inherits Trump's promise to Americans to leave Afganastan    .  

Another issue of scrutiny for Biden is leaving Afghanastan, which is another operation Trump set into motion wherin if Biden intervened and stopped what was already in motion, the consequences could be far more severe than they appear for Afganastan now but on a global scale . There is also the consideration of the American soldiers who were set to come home under Trumps watch. US soldiers in Afganastan were Promised by President Trump to be discharged or relocated for other work in the United states or other countries.These soldiers therefore planned accordingly as per their individual circumstances. Intervention in such a delicate matter wherin it deals with US internal domestic relations with its own citizens as well as their families  and externally with other foreign officials , after Trumps plan to leave Afgansatan was initiated could prove to be detrimental  to the US and its people more so than Afganastan. Trump's plan took negotiations, it held initricate/ delicate detail to it which if not handled correctly or allowed to proceed could harm Americans. So to avoid this, President Biden proceeded with President Trump's plan on Afganastan.

Pulling out of Afganastan was Trumps plan it had nothing to do with President Biden. Biden was simply following through with plans already in motion. 


The Biden Agenda is the Obama Agenda

Biden's success in being elected is closely knotted to Obama's success.The two are like President Reagan and Bush but in a more elaborate sense in pertinece to the detail of the obstacles they faced in the aughts as opposed to the obstacles President Reagan and Bush  faced in the late 1970s to late 1980s. Another enourmos difference between the two is their parties. The 80s was dominated by Reagan era Conservative Republican policies while the aughts is wrapped tightly in Liberal Democrat policies. Two entirely different directions. The latter of Dem policies are socialist, none the less as was with Reagan era policies these Liberal Democrat policies have detail and must be carried through to an entirity for them to suceed and last as long as Reagan era sucesses did. Reagann era  policies all timed out once the aughts arrived. The long lasting booming Reagan economy fell and crumbled to almost nothing by the time President George W. Bush left office, and the Obana/Biden administration began.


All this said Liberal Democrats utilized the Obama/Biden Administration to orchestrate sets of Gov policy that would literally define decades of socioeconomic growth.  The Obama/Biden Administration covered everything from Energy, Natonal Security, Health care, social justice  to abortions, they outlined sets and sets of regulations and policies meant to get America up  and running in ways never done before. As soon as President Trump got into office he began to disect and void every regulation , plan and policy put into effect by the Obama/Biden Administration. President Trump made it known that he wanted it to be as if the Obama/Biden Administration never existed.



After entering into office as President in 2021 Biden's primary objective was to re initiate and reinstall all of those policy's, regulations and protocols set into mothion under the Obama / Biden Administration and the support bases that were to be added to them by the next Preisident in order for them to continue to work. . The first act Biden carried out was to get the $3.5 trillion dollar infstructure bill passed as it in itself is a very necessary component the Obama/Biden Administration's vison of America.

President Biden has to follow through with Obama/Biden plans and rebuild what Trump destoyed or canceled of them and he has to follow through with what President Trump began. Biden has to follow through with policies that two Presidents who were going in two entirely different directions set into motion. President Biden is a Conductor on two different trains traveling on two different tracks,in two different directions, trying to find a way to merge and make them work together.