In politics people see things not for the way they are but instead for who they themselves are as a person

In politics people see things not for the way they are but instead for who they themselves are as a person

Written by ORane Mansolin



This just came to mind  when I thought about politics and voters  as to how different people are... All my life I've been around attractive women, I could be in a room having a meeting and my girl will just walk in totally nude, lay down and no one will touch her, no one will disrespect her, same with my friend, we could be talking and his girl is walking around totally nude, will walk up to him and start having sex with him, right in front of me, as they are having sex, they both talk and laugh with me about how what they are doing doesn't change my persona, I'm the same. I never pay it any mind..

Same with me. Yet one day a guy came in, I didn't know him too well, but heard he was cool, he wanted to hang out and he had to be roughed up, because he disrespected one of my girlfriends, he assumed she was a ho, which lead to us having to put him in his place.. Everybody is different. Some people cannot read people, they just assume and , its wrong to assume.


When you see a woman who is in the nude do you think its an invitation to have sex with her ? I know its not..

As far back as 1995 I remember being 17 years old, and I'd leave CT to visit Brooklyn NYC, and my cousin had a lot of beautiful girlfriends, he had an extra fold out bed, he'd set it up for me in his room, and his girls would come by, come in take all their clothes off, and be nude, beautiful women, from different places in the world, stewardesses etc I remember their accents,UK etc, they'd be nude just talking to me, that was in 1995, from way back. I never thought they were ho's, etc or were coming onto me, they were cool socializing and received total respect.. I really just remembered that,. I'm unique, so I see life differently and in so I think I see more than most in detail.

In 2010 My friend's girl calls me and says, she wants to hang with me, I pick her up at the greyhound, bring her to my loft I was renting, as soon as we arrive, she takes all her clothes off, jumps in the bed I close the bedroom doors and go to sleep on the couch in the next room, never touched her , other guys would have, but not me. To me she just wanted to be around someone she could trust  and be comfortable to be herself around.. Everyone is different, everyone sees differently I guess.

Some people are just stupid, they assume too much and take no time to think and understand.. So they get into trouble from misunderstanding. Its amazing as to how some people are so much different than others..

People who assume cause a lot of problems.