New York I.T. Supervisor Arrested for Mining BTC at Work

New York I.T. Supervisor Arrested for Mining BTC at Work

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The worker allegedly used around 50 county-owned devices to mine cryptocurrency in a government office on Long Island

Christopher Naples, a former I.T. supervisor with Suffolk County, has been arrested and charged with several offenses for operating a crypto mining operation in a government building. According to the New York Times, officials in Suffolk County allege that Naples used thousands of dollars in stolen electricity to power 46 devices used for cryptocurrency mining. The devices were spread out and hidden in six different in the Suffolk County Center in Riverhead. Naples’ hiding spots included under floorboards and inside electrical boxes.

Naples’ charges include police corruption, grand larceny, computer trespassing, and official misconduct. If convicted, Naples faces a maximum sentence of 15 years behind bars. Mr. Naples’ defense team has yet to release a statement on the issue. 


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