Rideshare driver shot and carjacked in Memphis, police say

Rideshare driver shot and carjacked in Memphis, police say
(From left) Zarena Farris, Dawone Washington and Trinity Tipton are all charged with carjacking, two counts of employment of a firearm during a dangerous felony, attempted second-degree murder and evading arrest.

A community is speaking out after hearing of a rideshare driver being carjacked and shot in their neighborhood.

Police said the incident happened Saturday night at 3600 Beechollow Drive in Windermere Woods near Raleigh. Police said 24-year-old Christopher Grays answered the call when four strangers requested a ride from Frayser through a Facebook rideshare group.

Police said the suspects got in the car with Grays and asked him to take them to the apartment complex. According to the police affidavit, Grays reported things started to get suspicious when he asked one of the riders for the money for the ride he provided. One of the riders responded that she did not have the money to pay.

That’s when, according to the police report, one of the other riders pulled a gun and shot Grays, the bullet hitting him in the wrist.

Police said the riders told Grays to get out of the car before fleeing with his white Volvo. Grays’ brother, Kenneth Grays, didn’t want to say much about how his brother was doing after the incident, but he does acknowledge a higher power for helping his sibling make it out of the situation alive.

“I definitely say God had his hand in it because I could have lost my brother that day,” Grays said, “I’m very thankful to my God.”

According to the police report, the Memphis Police Department got the call around 9:30 Saturday night of a shooting in the area. Police identified the suspects as 19-year-old Dawone Washington, 20-year old Zarena Farris, 19-year old Trinity Tipton, and an unnamed minor.


Some neighbors we spoke with agreed that this is usually a quiet community, but said this latest crime means it’s time for a change.

“It’s terrifying,” said Windermere Woods resident Martell McGee. “We got about another week here, and we out of here. We are getting on down; we are leaving Memphis,” he said. “It’s getting ridiculous. No matter where you stay at, it’s quiet over here, but nobody’s safe.”

Police report locating Grays’ vehicle two days later; the suspects were still inside the car. Police said a brief foot chase ensued and all four were arrested. The adult suspects face several charges, including second-degree Attempted Murder, Carjacking and Evading Arrest.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Grays said he learned a valuable lesson from his brother’s ordeal.

“We just got to be more careful, and not doing no more Facebook rides for sure,” he said.