SC inmate chooses death by firing squad, shouldn't the RACIST politicians and businessmen who put him there stand infront of the firing squad with him ?

SC inmate chooses death by firing squad, shouldn't the RACIST politicians and businessmen who put him there stand infront of the firing squad with him  ?

Richard Bernard Moore, 57, will be the first prisoner to be able to decide how he would be executed after a law went into effect last year that made the electric chair the default method but gave prisoners the option to select a firing squad, manned by three prison workers armed with rifles,


O'Rane : "Moore has been on death row since he was convicted of the 1999 killing of a convenience store clerk," .... This is why you should only do unto others as you would like to be done unto you.. He robbed a store to get when he was in his 20's. To be black is to be marked by the entire financial system. It's bias, designed to prevent black Americans from achieving...

    I feel bad for all the criminals and crooks who chose to rob, kill and steal in order to put bread on the table, but now more than ever I understand.


EXAMPLE: Today I went into a bank to get a loan, the bank manager told me unfortunately he could not give me a loan, I put over $50k in that account and have an 800 credit score. This white MFer, said he pulled my credit unaware that my credit is locked and he has to ask me for me to unlock it in order to view it..

I made sure to ask him if he pulled the credit?, of which he said he would when the application was done. Then when done, 74 hours later and asked, he said "He did" . I'm anal and trust no one, so I asked him 5 different times, 5 different ways and he said, "he" did, no one else but him .. He self confirmed..

I didn't say anything, I just looked at him. I left the bank, called him 15 minutes later, told him the credit account was locked, so I knew he lied, and he admitted he never did a credit check, he lied... He apologized and promised to issue the credit line to me.

Why would he lie ? Why would he waste my precious time?

That's what they do when you're black..


The bank Manager apologized to me  and said he will get the credit line for my company,  (he lied once, he'll lie again, that's what liars do) .Relying on him is like me asking the devil for an ice cold glass of water. But what if I wasn't prepared ?..

Who THE FUCK has time to play these DUMB games ?...Life is short, no one has time to waste time..

So I undestand, Its hard not to shoot even  when you have all the credentials to get a loan. Honestly if not for the patriot act, and if cash was still king ?

Civility and being corteous wouldn't hold much weight under such oppressive demeaning and deceptive social circumstances. The gun does seem to make more sense when you're working for nothing but lies or falsehoods.

It's difficult even when you're intelligent.

What If I wasn't a thinker ?

What if I wasn't someone who analyzes and processess detail ? , "Why? " wouldn't be a question..

I understand why these guys would rob a liqueur store etc. It's because,  the socioeconomic system, is designed to make black Americans desperate, and with desperation there is unconscionability..

Meaning being born black is like signing a contract to endure the worst of the worst for no logical reason.

Mr. Moore is a product of it, and so many more. So my empathy is more so for him than anyone else.  I understand how he got to where he is and the choices he has to chose from, but the people who designed the system,  the racist politicians, and businessmen, are the ones who should be standing in front of the firing squad with him. They deserve it far more than him.

The world will not improve when Mr .Moore departts from it , but it would almost be perfect without  the racist and corrpt politicians and business men who strive to make it so the opportunity of happiness is destroyed and almost impossible to achieve for black Americans.

It's easy to end up like Mr. Moore, the system is designed to mass manufacture Mr. Moore's.